After much hand-wringing and hum-ing and haw-ing, it is with some trepidation that the organisers and hosts (Les Maîtres d’Armes) of Borealis have decided to put the event on hiatus for the year 2015. We apologise for having waited so long to announce it, but the fact of the matter is: we wanted it to happen, but had to face certain realities.

borealis_t-shirt-sword-outline_blueYes, we are as disappointed as you are, but fear not, all things happen for a reason!

A number of factors played into our decision – not the least of which is a panoply of excellent events all taking place this year: the Western Martial Arts Workshop (WMAW), by our sister school the Chicago Swordplay Guild, Academie Duello’s excellent Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium (VISS), The Red Knight’s deed of Arms (hosted by our friends at Hoplologia), and of course the other usual suspects forming a circuit of excellent events. We felt that while we offer a great (and unique) environment for learning and improving your historical western martial arts skills, that niche was filled with the excellent events mentioned above, and competing for the same, limited, HEMA dollars was counter productive. In this light, we are moving to make Borealis an off-year event from WMAW and VISS, so that your training and social needs may be met, and to allow us some breathing room to continue to improve and grow this event, continuing to make it the largest (and arguably the best…) historical swordsmanship gathering in Eastern Canada!

We hope you understand our reasoning, and sincerely wish to see all of you again in 2016, along with all the new faces that will undoubtedly grace us with their presence and friendship!

“Every meeting led to a parting, and so it would, as long as life was mortal. In every meeting there was some of the sorrow of parting, but in everything parting there was some of the joy of meeting as well.”
― Cassandra Clare

A word on facilities

In case you weren’t excited enough about Borealis, there’s more!

The event is taking place in a community centre on the banks of the Ottawa river, and sports a public beach, in case you want to refresh yourself between or after classes. If swimming is not your style, don’t fret, there are exterior showers for you to wash away some of the day’s work.

Other amenities include tennis courts, a beach volleyball court, a shaded picnic area, two playgrounds, and bicycle paths. Feeling more spirited? Bring your kayak and try the rapids. And there is plenty of parking for everyone.

And yes, we listened. There are male and female changing rooms available, so changing in the restrooms is no longer an issue.

In short, more reasons to come and enjoy our event!

Charity Lunch

We are pleased to announce that the meal for the Pas du Solstice will be provided by the Scout of Canada (Scouts du Canada) 15e troupe de La forêt dense, Sainte-Rose-de-Lima.

All proceeds from this charity BBQ will go towards funding their activities. To boot, you will undoubtedly enthral a possible future generation of swordplay practitioners, boys and girls, with your prowess in the lists. Certainly, if there wasn’t a better reason to support them this is it?

The menu will be standard BBQ fare: Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Veggie options, and drinks (cola, water, etc.) We thank you to encourage them and help make the entire event a success!

Règlements ajoutés – Rules posted

AngersLes règlements pour le Pas du Solstice ont été ajoutés au site. Les règles comportent également les équipements de sécurité nécéssaire pour entrer dans la lice. SVP veuillez les consulter et vous y conformer.

Règles du pas d’armes: http://wp.me/P2KSNO-5h

Si vous avez des questions ou voulez faire part de vos commentaires, SVP contactez le registraire à registrar@borealisswordplay.com

The rules for the Pas du Solstice have been posted. Safety equipment requirements for entering the lists are included, and so we would ask that you read them and conform to the requirements.

Rules of the pas d’armes: http://wp.me/P2KSNO-5h

If you have any questions or comments, please email the registrar at registrar@borealisswordplay.com, and we will be happy to address them.

Time is running out!

401px-Wooden_hourglass4Time is running out on the early-bird pricing of $200 – if you register before midnight, you can still get in on the deal, and still have 2 weeks to pay your registration fees.

If, however, you want to impress your friends and training partners with the volume of your wallet, wait until after, where registration still comes in at a paltry $235 for the entire weekend (ok, so not really that impressive, after all). Either way, you will get the best instruction north of the 49th parallel, plus a day of fencing in the lists, coached by those same instructors.

To register, simply email the registrar at registrar@borealisswordplay.com, and ask to be registered. We’ll take care of the rest!

Last Chance!

DSC_0683This is your last chance to get in on Early Bird pricing. We had previously extended it to May 1st, but that’s only 2 days away! After that, it goes up to $235 from the early-bird price of $200. That’s the price of a decent dinner! Or a half tank of gas! Ok, maybe a quarter tank…

So if you’re looking for something cool to spend your tax return on, you’ve found it! We have a slew of qualified instructors to choose from:

Sean Hayes
Devon Boorman
Robert Charrette
Bernard Emmerich
Jörg Bellinghausen

and a day of fighting in the lists to put into practise what you’ve learned over the past 2 days at the Pas du Solstice! So, practise until you’re sore, then have somebody thump you where it already hurts. What could be better?

To register, simply contact the registrar at registrar@borealisswordplay.com, and let us know you want in. We’ll take care of the rest!

Early Bird Registration Extended!

Since we’ve had such great success with the early bird pricing, we thought we’d extend it until the end of April. That’s right, until May 1st, you can still get in on the early bird pricing – even though you may be fashionably late!


early bird2

Also take advantage of our “register now, pay later” offer. Need some time to put together the scratch for your HEMA fix? We understand. Register now at the early bird price, and you have until May23rd to pay. Note that this is also the cut-off date for withdrawal and refund, so know that if you change your mind, we won’t be able to refund you.

To register, simply contact the registrar at registrar@borealisswordplay.com, and let us know you want in!

We look forward to seeing you for a weekend of training, fighting and friendship!

Don’t forget to register!

early birdEarly bird registration is still on, and we have spaces left, but the event is 2/3 full, so if you’re on the fence, now’s the time to make the leap!

Besides allowing you to save money, early-bird registration allows you first pick at classes you want to take (there are class caps – 30 to a class). As if saving money wasn’t enough!

For reference, those classes are:

Jörg Bellinghausen

An Introduction to Andres’ Liegnitzer’s Wrestling
The ‘Evil Eight’ – Maste Andres Liegnitzer’s Plays Against the Dagger
Don’t know I.33? No problem! – Liegnitzer’s sword and buckler plays
Eleven Plays That Are Just Six – The Anonymous Glasgow Messer Treatise

Devon Boorman

Wound Your Opponent, Not Yourself – Creating Optimal Rapier Body Mechanics
Building the Unstoppable Longsword Thrust
Sword & Buckler: Provoking Your Opponent into Error

Robert Charrette

Four for Three (Beginner)
Unpacking the Sixth
Turn and Turn About

Sean Hayes

Stable, Striking and Mutable: Strategic and Tactical Progression of the Guards in L’arte dell’Armizare
Largo and Stretto: Strategies for playing Wide and Close
The Missing Guard: Use of Posta Longa in Fiore’s Spear Play

Bernard Emmerich

Of kicks and strikes in WMA

Now that you know you want to be there, just send an email to our registrar at registrar@borealisswordplay.com, and we’ll take care of the rest. And if you haven’t made your class selections yet, what are you waiting for?!